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Stretch mark camouflage training by Fernanda Jaffre

Cosmetic tattoo technique

First of all, this is more than just stretch mark camouflage tattoo training! In other words, this is a project that involves love, commitment, empowerment, and the opportunity to realize dreams!

After all, we are talking about esthetic care that may be able to raise the self-esteem and well-being of many patients!

Therefore, in front of this objective, Fernanda Jaffre is a reference when it comes to the esthetic repairing tattoo technique. Moreover, the most significant proof of this fact is her course recognized worldwide!

Who is Fernanda Jaffre?

The creator of the pioneering cosmetic tattoo technique

Stretch marks Camouflage training by Fernanda Jafree

Undeniably, Fernanda is a pioneer in the world of stretch mark camouflage tattoo and creator of scar camouflage tattoo training. This is the result of much effort, study, research, and dedication. In other words, something that made her a world reference specialist in the cosmetic tattoo technique and number 1 artist in the United States.
Therefore, her course gained worldwide prominence due to her teaching methodology, and her renowned technique, Magic Ink Technique®, provides results of much more natural skin.
As a result, in recent years, she has conducted training of her unique technique in several countries. She has students trained on four continents: Latin America, North America, Europe, and Asia.

Watch the video of Fernanda Jaffre, the creator of stretch mark camouflage training

By the way, you fit into the stretch mark camouflage course only if you answer "yes" at least once to the following questions:


After all, do you want to add an effective procedure to your business, such as the scar camouflage tattoo or stretch mark camouflage tattoo?


Eventually, you’ve taken other training, but do you still believe that you need to obtain more relevant knowledge? Especially with practice in real models, updated, tested, and proven information.​


In other words, are you looking to change your professional trajectory and do something that really arouses your passion?


In short, how much time do you spend with just one customer? Do you really want to have more productive work, without giving up excellent results?


Above all, do you identify with the beauty and esthetics segment or by the cosmetic tattoo technique?


In conclusion, are you still not achieving the desired results?

After all, with stretch mark camouflage training

You will know the best techniques to obtain results with the natural appearance of the skin. In this sense, you will understand how to cover spots, scars and stretch mark permanently. See our results before and after scar an stretch mark camouflage.

About stretch marks Camouflage training

First of all, it is essential to point out that you do not need previous experience to do the stretch mark camouflage training! So you will learn everything precisely from scratch, with one ideal step by step!

Above all, this is a really unique method. As a result, it was developed by a professional who understands 100% of everything that involves the cosmetic tattoo technique.

Also, during the stretch mark camouflage training will be shared several studies, research, and relevant data, all, it has already tested and approved internationally.

Consequently, you will have access to formulas, effective methods of application, and monitoring of your customers (home care). – UPDATE!

Most importantly, do two days of immersion in the camouflage technique, as well as count on a world pioneer specialist in the method.

Certainly, stretch mark camouflage training is totally focused on practical learning, including even practice in real models.

Therefore, you can also count on support directly performed by the instructor Fernanda Jaffre for one year.

In conclusion, invest in your career! After all, many students who graduated from the stretch mark camouflage course start charging the amount of $ 1,000 for only 3 hours of the procedure!

Stretch marks Camouflage training by Fernanda Jafree

esthetic repair technique fully tested in humans

One of the few professionals in the segment that is concerned with performing real tests.
As you have already noted, stretch mark camouflage training is a benchmark for many different aspects. However, one of the most evident in the fact that human testing has improved the methodology!
All of this is in line with cutting-edge technologies that prioritize, above all, the base of studies and research.
In other words, all of these points are essential for the results and knowledge to be recognized by our students and clients.

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Our students in stretch mark camouflage training

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So, given everything you’ve seen and known so far, it goes without saying that the locations for scar camouflage tattoo training are limited!
In conclusion, if you want the best training or are looking for a new professional career, this is a golden opportunity.
Therefore, if you are interested in this course, contact us to check availability, clarify your doubts, and get to know the work and dedication of a specialist worldwide reference in the stretch mark camouflage tattoo.

Places in this course are limited.

Opportunities are never lost. Someone will enjoy the ones you missed. Learn more about the cosmetic tattoo technique.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask your questions.

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