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The good news: You will be able to get the scar camouflage training online (live) in your home security.

What do you get out of scar & stretch marks camouflage tattoo online training?

Logistics: You will have no logistics to attend the scar camouflage course online.

Economy: You will not need to spend on transportation, hotels, among other ordinary expenses of a trip.

Commodity: Take the scar camouflage course online from wherever you are. You can be near your children and family.

No worries: With the schools closed due to the coronavirus, you will be able to take the scar camouflage course without worrying about who or where your children will be, after all, you will be close to them.

Protection: With the scar camouflage course online (live), you will not expose yourself, you will not have contact with crowds of people and, therefore, you will be safe and in the comfort of your home.

About the scar camouflage training online

This scar camouflage tattoo training online is a VIP/Private course. You will have live classes directly with the pioneering specialist Fernanda Jaffre.

The scar camouflage tattoo training online is structure into 3 classes:

1st class: FAQ and Theory;

2nd class: Colorimetry applied to the Brazilian Tattoo Camouflage Technique + Hands-On;

3rd class: Handling Brazilian Tattoo Camouflage materials; Strokes; Stroke Pressure; Application technique and pigment infiltration.
* This is a short timeline. For the complete schedule, please contact us: WhatsApp or Email

Plus – 4th class: Hands-On! Working on live model.
In this class, the master and specialist Fernanda Jaffre will accompany the student from the beginning to the end of a Brazilian tattoo camouflage procedure.
The monitoring will be online and live via the Zoom platform

*The model is the responsibility of the student.

See our results before and after scar camouflage.

What will you learn in this online training course program?

The knowledge acquired in our scar camouflage tattoo course will allow you to:
• Hide scars (scar camouflage tattoo technique);
• Hide stretch marks (stretch marks camouflage tattoo technique);
• Hide spots;
• Vitiligo camouflage tattoo;
All of this is taught in our training program.

You will gain an in-depth understanding of theory from various topics such as:
• Anatomy & Physiology;
• Health and Safety;
• Immune System vs Tattoo;
• Sun vs Brazilian Camouflage;
• Colour Theory (Colorimetry applied exclusively to the Brazilian camouflage technique);
• Organic vs Inorganic Inks;
• Colour Matching & Mixing;
• Required Materials (and where to buy);
• Strokes Techniques;
• Managing Client Expectations;
And much more!

You will also get a full set of medical history and consent forms to use. In addition, you will also get our before and after photos to you use in your advertising.

The scar camouflage tattoo training online includes:

  • The student will be sent via post the complete didactic kit with updated apostille, updated formulas, notebook, pencil, pen + gift (pigment kit);
  • Certificate;
  • 6 months of support directly with master Fernanda Jaffre.
  • Medical history and consent forms to use;
  • Will get us before and after photos to you use in your advertising.

Do you have doubts?